Church Life Missional Model: October 2023

Church Life Missional Model: October 2023

October 23-30

Church Life Consultants are invited to walk through opening doors for us in the Dominican Republic. We have an 8 Day Trip planned for October 23-30 that will include Quadrant follow up with pastors, who attended our July 2023 conference, and presenting the Church Life Missional Model with Assemblies of God Pastors from the Northeast Region in DR.

Radhames Quezada

Team Coordinators:
Bruce Ritter & Charles Russell

Contact Bruce Ritter for more information.

Missions Trips are sponsored and organized through the Pimentel Project, Inc.

Trip Schedule

  • Monday, October 23 – Travel Day, Team Building, & Orientation
  • Tuesday, October 24 – Team Building, Prayer, & Conference Planning
  • Wednesday, October 25 – Quadrant Follow Up: Apostolic & Prophetic
  • Thursday, October 26 – Quadrant Follow Up: Pastoral, Teaching, & Evangelistic
  • Friday, October 27 – Prayerwalking, TBD
  • Saturday, October 28 – AG Northeast Region Conference in Pimentel
  • Sunday, October 29 – Preaching Points (TBD)
  • Monday, October 30 – Travel Day

Trip Cost is $600 + Roundtrip Airfare to/from Santiago (STI)

Costs cover in country food, travel, lodging at our ministry base, as well as materials for conference and training.

Fill out the Consultant Registration Form below to Sign up.

**Please Note: Consultants need a valid passport the does not expire within 6 months from October 30, 2023.

Consultant Registration Form

Make Your Trip Payment Online through PayPal.