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Saint Okorafor

Currently, Saint oversees 32 churches and 64 pastors and evangelists, which comprise  Bible Life Christian Church throughout Nigeria. Pastor Saint leads during one of the most difficult eras in history for Nigerian followers of Christ. An ongoing assault by Al Qaida allies against the body of Christ in Nigeria continues with many, many Christians and Pastors losing their lives simply because they attend Church and worship the Savior.

In the strength of Christ, Pastor Saint and Bible Life Christian Church continue to raise up and equip Pastors and leaders to reach people for Jesus. In addition, Bible Life Christian Church created the Lifegate School for in Umuahia. The school offers Christian-based academics.

Faces of the Future (aka. Pimentel Project) provides the opportunity for followers of Christ to support the pastors and evangelists, who make up Bible Life Christian church. Because of the ongoing persecution in Nigeria, we cannot post pictures and specific information about Bible Life’s pastors and evangelists for sponsorship. Pastor Saint allows his information to be posted. However, if you would like to inquire further about sponsoring a Bible Life pastor or evangelist, we will provide you with information on how to do so and who can be sponsored.