Hope for La Piedra

La Piedra Cotui is just across El Rio Camu from Pimentel with an approximate population 5,000 people. In 2007, Hurricanes Olga and Noel ravaged the houses along the river and the flood waters reached out into the farm land. The flood plains were completely under water with people climbing to their roofs for safety. Along the river banks, people were in even greater peril. After the waters receded back into the river, the bacteria, dysentery, and subsequent disease and sickness remain. Every breach of the river banks threatens to repeat the cycle of loss of life, families in shambles, and hopelessness.

The residents of La Piedra live in extreme generational poverty. Around 60% earn less than US$3 per day for lack of employment and 1 in 3 earns less than US$2 per day. In these conditions, people have no place to go, so many return to the flood-damaged houses and shantys along the river bank only to wait for the next flood. We have the opportunity to change the scenario for many of the residents along the Camu River with nowhere else to go. And we can do so by providing new housing.

MIVA owns a large tract of land and has developmental drawings to build a neighborhood of 32 homes and will include 2 convenient supermarkets for water, food, and supplies, and a new church chapel. Rent will be very, very inexpensive for the new residents, but a safe and healthy community for its residents. 

Consider bringing a construction team to help us move this project forward and people living along the river to a safer future.