Child Sponsorship

CERINFA is a Christian based school and nutrition center under M.I.V.A. for children in grades K-8. CERINFA’s outstanding teachers and nutrition service educate and feed the 200+ students, who attend through the sponsorship of our generous Pimentel Project supporters. Sponsors enable students to receive two meals each school day, as well as, one of the finest educations available to children in the country.

We are currently restructuring our child sponsorship program; however, you may still make your current monthly or annual contributions using the link below.

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Child’s Sponsorship



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Nutrition is Key

Adequate dietary intake for age and health status are primary factors that impact child growth and the problem is so pervasive that many international health organizations consider it normative in the population. For example, malnutrition is associated with over 50% of childhood deaths in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, stunting (low height for weight) and malnutrition (low weight for age) affect 17% of children. These are also indicators of potential developmental issues in a child’s intellect and learning capacity. CERINFA’s objective is to correct the problem of malnutrition in their students by providing breakfast and lunch each school day. It has also become a model that is currently being field tested at other public schools in the Domincan Republic.[/boxed]